Exfoliators may contain a myriad of ‘enhancers’ (abrasives) to get the job done, including – salt, sugar, sand and even nut kernels. While these ingredients may make your face ‘zing’ the end result may not be what you’re looking for, as some can actually cause small scratches or rashes.

Steer clear of anything with plastic microbeads, which were banned in New Zealand from May this year for their damaging effects on the environment and animals (they end up in our waterways) and really questionable effect on skin; and acid washes – while they might sound effective, as the name suggests, they can also strip your skin of essential oils or worse, burn rather than clean off dead cells.

When using a new face product for the first time, our nurses suggest you try a little on your face before you go the whole hog, that way you can see how your skin reacts.

We have two cleansers – one is gentle and the other more deep cleansing, as well as our Exfol A plus serum, which not only gently exfoliates it adds a dose of Vitamin A serum to help close up pores and even out skin tone at the same time.

Our product range is natural, not tested on animals and contains active ingredients so no need for harsh abrasives. https://laseraesthetics.co.nz/shop-online/
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