The photos below show what you can expect when you have laser treatment on sunspots or spider veins.

Click on any picture below to see it larger, then click to the left or right or use your keyboard arrows keys to go to the next one.

NOTE: individual results may vary.

Spider veins on the leg

Our client had spider veins on the inside of her knee.

The first image is before treatment and the second is 3 months later.

Facial spider veins

Our client, a frequent flyer, jokes passport facial recognition at the airport will no longer recognise him!

The photo to the left shows before treatment on spider veins and the one to the right, after one treatment, six weeks later. 

Image (2)

Treatment of sunspots

Once treated the sunspots will go darker before lightening and eventually fading.

After many years working in harsh conditions in the sunny Pacific Islands our client checked in for treatment to sun damage on her face. Here we show her at her first appointment and then after four intense pulsed light (IPL) sessions over eight months. Note she’s wearing her hair a bit longer these days.

These three photos show progression from before treatment to after treatment for one patient.

Our next patient also had sun damage on her hands. The left of the photo shows before treatment and the right shows five weeks later. This patient had one treatment.

Treatment for spider veins on the face

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