Do you cover your legs in summer because of your spider veins? Or use a concealer to hide red vessels around your nose?

You might have a cluster of thin red veins behind your knees or broken darker blue capillaries on your face or it might be just a couple of pesky ones you see on your shins each morning.

The good news is these can be treated using laser therapy.

High-spec laser machines gently heat the veins so they collapse, seal and eventually improve or fade. These lasers will also treat recent scars – reducing the redness around the scar rather than the scar tissue itself.

When you have laser treatment it feels like a rubber band is flicking your skin as it pulses over each vein. The laser’s cooling tip not only protects your skin it makes it easy to bear, too. The number of treatments you need will depend on how many veins you have, some patients only need one treatment. For more info call us today – 0800 45 45 99.