For those who suffer rosacea symptoms it can be embarrassing and lead to low self-esteem. It’s more common in middle-aged women but anyone can suffer from it.

Older Woman Showing Cheek with Rosacea. Vascular Laser Treats Rosacea.
Rosacea is More Common in Middle-aged Women.

It can come and go with ‘flare ups’ when the condition gets worse or appears worse in a short space of time, brought on by a number of factors, including sun exposure, illness, smoking and stress.

The good news is laser treatment can help reduce the appearance of rosacea and reduce some of the symptoms. It’s not a cure but it can make life more comfortable for those who have it.

Cutera XLV Skin Laser Machine, Rosacea, Spider Veins, Vascular Laser
Skin Laser Helps Treat the Symptoms of Rosacea.

Common symptoms include facial redness, pus-filled bumps or small visible blood vessels. Rosacea may also appear on the neck, chest and back but is most common on the face. Sometimes antibiotics or anti-acne medications will help reduce the symptoms of a flare up.

What skincare is best if you have rosacea symptoms?

People with rosacea need to be mindful of keeping their skin hydrated. They need to moisturise often and use a non-soap based, non-exfoliating cleanser. A high SPF sunscreen is essential. Avoiding alcohol-based products is also important. Slowly introduce a new skincare cream, over three or more days, to monitor the effect it might have. A skin calming serum, like Aspect Dr Redless, may help in a flare up.

Does lifestyle really matter?

Like most things, what someone eats and drinks has an effect on overall wellbeing and health. It is important to limit alcohol consumption for those who suffer from rosacea and to stop smoking if they do, as well as to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating healthily.

When to see a doctor or dermatologist

Some lesser known complications of rosacea include lipoedema and inflammation of the pouches under the eyes. If the face is swollen or there is a sudden flare up that’s causing stress, itchiness or stinging seeing a doctor or dermatologist is recommended. If our nurse has any concerns, they will refer you to a dermatologist prior to treatment. Book in for a skin laser consultation to see if this treatment will be suitable for you.

Cutera Skin Laser Treating Woman with Rosacea on Cheek.
Skin Laser Treatment is Helpful in Reducing Rosacea Symptoms.