Skin laser treatments

Wellington's face and body skin laser specialists

Our laser treatment rejuvenates your face and leaves you looking well-rested, with refreshed and revitalised skin.

If you’re looking for a gentler treatment option, consider Genesis instead of IPL. Skin laser Genesis doesn’t disrupt the skin surface, making it a more comfortable option.

How it works

This treatment uses laser energy to stimulate new collagen growth in the dermis, which triggers the skin’s natural repair process. Over time, this leads to a reduction in pore size and the smoothing out of fine lines and pitted skin. The result is younger-looking, firmer and plumper skin.

Our technician moves the wand in sections over your face, providing a comfortable treatment that feels like sitting in the sun. You can even go back to work straight after, as your face will only be slightly warm for a short time. Our technician will apply sunblock to protect your skin as you go out again.

Allow for six treatments to achieve optimal results.


Nurse Consultation

To determine your treatment plan. Redeemable on booking a treatment within three weeks – $60


Per session – $350 (Book six, get one free – $1,750)
Add on decolletage to a session – $120




From $120


Most clients feel a light pinging, like a rubber band flicking the skin, and most people can tolerate it. But let your nurse know if it hurts. The skin laser feels similar to being in the sun and has a cooling tip that protects your skin from the heat of the laser treatment.

After skin laser treatment the area may be a little red for a time, just like after waxing. Your nurse will apply SPF sunscreen if your laser treatment is on your face. Results vary between individuals.

Laser Aesthetic’s nurses are trained skin laser therapists, so you’re in safe hands. Laser therapy and Intense Pulsed Light treatments have been around for a long time. The laser beam is safe on skin but can be harmful to your eyes. We all wear glasses for protection. Our Cutera machines have proven safety records. Many other machines may not offer as effective treatment or may require many more treatments.

Typically, your first skin laser session will be 45 minutes, including a consultation.

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