We don’t really describe it as hype, more a niche service we’re seeing results from.

“You have to remember,” says nurse Sarah, “it’s not a panacea, people still have to do the hard mahi; this service is for those people who have perhaps had a weight loss journey but have pockets of fat they can’t shift. Or they may always have had those pockets.”

Fat cells eliminated but…

Described as body contouring or body sculpting, Trusculpt goes below the skin’s surface to target fat cells. A number will be eliminated but if the client leaves thinking they can eat unhealthy food and can the exercise, then the results won’t be what they’re expecting. Other fat cells can just as easily take the place of those removed.

Your belly and love handles treated

The most common treatment areas are belly, upper arms and ‘love handles’, we call ‘flanks’. Clients are people who eat healthily and do regular exercise but have fat deposits in these areas.

Consent + treatment = 1 hour

Sarah measures, weighs and talks to the client about expectations and lifestyle before treatment. Allow an hour for consent and treatment.

Sarah uses skin chalk to map where the heat paddles are to go. You need more for the belly and fewer for smaller areas. And not everyone can be treated. If you can ‘pinch an inch’ – ie, you have enough fat to be able to grab some, which is good news for most of us! Other clients without this measurement are not treated.

Next Sarah puts receptors on your back for the Trusculpt machine to deliver the treatment through the paddles (it uses radiofrequency and for that reason treatment is not suitable for people with pacemakers, internal defibrillators, pregnant or breastfeeding women or anyone under 18 years).

It’s hot but not that hot

Decals adhere the paddles on the treatment area and are wrapped into place. Treatment only takes 15 minutes and is hot. Most people say, “is that it?” when the optimum temperature is reached. The machine circles heat through the paddles, with two active at any one time. The beauty of Trusculpt over cold treatments is there is no post-treatment ‘massage’ needed to redistribute the fat that has accumulated into one spot.

Most people have one treatment because the fat cells that can be removed will do so at that first treatment. Another treatment can reduce a little bit more but only a percentage of those treatable.

Walk on out after

Once treatment is finished, that’s it, apart from booking your follow up in 12 weeks’ time. You get on with your day, go back to work, take a walk, have a coffee – red patches where the paddles have been are the only indication of treatment and they fade over the day. You may be thirsty because your body has had some heat. It takes 12 weeks for the full results to show.

Trusculpt is not a lose-weight-fast solution. It’s a non-surgical fat removal treatment.