In December the media ran a story that half of the sunscreens tested by Consumer New Zealand did not perform to their sun protection factor (SPF) ratings.
An SPF 50 sunblock is meant to give you 50 times the protection you’d get without using sunblock or 500 minutes. For SPF 30 it’s 300 minutes. (Source and image:
If you’re getting sunburnt while using sunblock, change your brand and find one that works for you. If you swear by the sunblock you use, stick with it. Remember to check the use-by date because sunblocks lose their effectiveness when they’re out of date.
Laser Aesthetics recommends Aspect Gold Envirostat broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen The Melbourne Weekly has described it as one of four ‘super sunscreens’ and you’ll find it mentioned in several blogs, including New Zealand’s Beautylust, that lists it in its top 13 SPF moisturisers.