Reticular veins or spider veins? Pigmentation or skin discolouration?… Our Vascular Specialist, Richard Evans, spoke at the recent Cutera* University skin laser symposium on the Gold Coast about ‘What not to treat’.

Therapists from Australasia learned about the structure of our veins and what lies beneath and the importance of vein assessment before laser – what the skin laser should be used for, what to avoid and how to identify veins needing specialised treatment.

Richard showed legs with underlying vein issues, eg, those with large red or purple patches, spider veins or veins that popped out more when a client was standing vs lying down.

Not for the faint hearted, at the symposium there were lots of photos but Richard also took a light-hearted approach showcasing some earlier practices for vascular surgery – vein stripping!

Note: Richard Evans is our vascular surgeon and the Cutera is the laser machine we use. 1 144A3857 1144A0560 1