There are three things our nurse Sarah tells clients that are important for looking after your skin

1. Wear sunblock all year, even in winter  – especially in winter – with its drying cold.

2. Take note of the recommended number of skin treatments for best results, rather than thinking “that’s it, done” after one treatment. Think of it like taking antibiotics, just one pill isn’t going to fix things.

3. Use good quality, active skincare, including serums, to support your treatment for more lasting and optimum results – for the same reason as in 2. Include cleanser and moisturiser in your daily routine.

Good quality, active skincare is important for looking after your skin.

Three vitamins are key to support looking after your skin

We stock Aspect Dr™ skincare, which ticks all the boxes for supporting skin treatments.

Aspect Dr skincare ticks all the boxes.

As skin is exposed to the elements, particularly the sun, our skin suffers damage. Sarah is often asked about active ingredients and vitamins. A good vitamin A serum (with retinol) helps reduce some signs of sun ageing because it encourages new cell growth and can help to fill in some fine lines formed over time and exposure. Vitamin A can even out skin tone and lighten sunspots. Good to use to support your IPL treatment.

Vitamin B is an antioxidant that reduces inflammation – good for sensitive skin. Like vitamin A it helps to reduce the signs of ageing and helps regulate pigmentation so is excellent to support our Genesis skin laser treatment, dermaplaning or IPL treatment.

The other vitamin on Sarah’s list is vitamin C. This vitamin promotes collagen, is an antioxidant, so helps protect against the sun’s rays, and helps even out skin tone and lighten sunspots. It’s good to use with IPL or skin laser treatments.

Our Aspect Dr vitamin A, B and C serums are active and best used as a trio to support Sarah’s skin laser, IPL and dermaplaning skin treatments, as well as for a range of skin issues.  Book your skin consultation or call 0800 45 45 99.